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eSign Help

What is my Apple ID?
See the Forgot Apple ID or Password help page.
What if I don't remember my Apple ID or password?
See the Forgot Apple ID or Password help page.
I see a blank screen after I log in to eSign. What should I do?
Please try the following steps:
  1. Make sure you're using a Supported Web Browser
  2. Clear the browser cache or restart the browser application
  3. Try a different network.
I am not the signatory. How do I forward the agreement to someone else?
If you are not the signatory and wish to forward the agreement to your signatory: Click the "Review/Sign Contract" button in the email received that contains eSign instructions, log in to eSign, click the "Forward" button on the bottom menu bar, enter the contact information of your signatory and click "Submit." This individual will receive an electronic signature request and instructions by email.
What do I do if the contract is no longer available in eSign?
Please contact your MFi representative. To view the contact information of your MFi Representative, click the profile icon in the top right corner of the MFi Portal and then click "Your MFi Representative" in the drop-down menu.