Who Needs to Join the MFi Program

This program is for companies planning to develop or manufacture accessories that use MFi licensed technologies. Before applying, make sure this is the right program for you.

Who needs to join?

  • Accessory developer, manufacturer, or brand owner who wishes to take responsibility for MFi accessory certification requirements.
  • Brand owner who wishes to directly track the progress of accessory certification for MFi accessories that will bear its brand.
  • Contract manufacturer (CM)/ODM who wishes to develop and/or manufacture MFi accessories as finished goods for others.
  • Accessory manufacturer who owns a manufacturing facility and wishes to perform final assembly for its own MFi accessories.
  • Technology provider who wishes to provide products or services to other MFi Licensees.

Who does not need to join?

  • Developers and manufacturers of non-electronic accessories, including non-MagSafe cases and Apple Watch bands. Get guidelines and resources for designing accessories that do not incorporate MFi licensed technologies.
  • Developers and manufacturers of USB-C charging accessories and USB Device Class accessories that do not use any MFi Licensed Technologies or Licensed Components. Best practices and recommendations for developing USB-C accessories for Apple devices can be found in the Accessory Design Guidelines. (Note: accessories that implement iAP2 over USB and vehicles that support CarPlay over USB are part of the MFi Program).
  • Distributors and resellers that want to source or sell MFi accessories as finished goods. MFi finished goods must be sourced from an MFi authorized manufacturer.
  • App developers creating apps that communicate with MFi accessories. App developers should join the Apple Developer Program. However, it is up to the accessory developer or manufacturer to determine whether they wish to authorize specific third-party apps to communicate with their MFi accessories through the External Accessory Framework. App developers should consult with the accessory developer to determine whether to proceed with development of an app that communicates with an MFi accessory using the EA framework.
  • Developers and manufacturers of accessories that connect to an Apple device using only Bluetooth Low Energy, Core Bluetooth, or standard Bluetooth profiles supported by iOS. Learn more about Bluetooth.
  • Educational organizations that want to use the MFi technical specifications for teaching purposes. The information shared under the MFi Program is Apple Confidential and is not intended to be used in an academic setting.
  • Individuals creating accessories for personal use. We recommend using a third-party hobbyist solution to connect iOS devices to serial devices, and to write apps that communicate with these serial devices.


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