Frequently Asked Questions

Program Overview

What types of accessories, technologies, and components are part of the MFi Program?

The MFi Program includes third-party hardware accessories that use Apple's MFi licensed technology to connect electronically to Apple devices. Example accessory categories are listed on the MFi Program technologies page. MFi licensed technologies and components include the following:

Technologies Components

AirPlay audio

Apple Watch Fast Charger Module

Car Keys

Audio Accessory Module


Authentication coprocessors

Find My network

Headset Remote and Mic


Lightning Audio Module


Lightning Analog Headset Module

iPhone/iPad/iPod Accessory Protocol (iAP2)

Lightning to Headset Jack Adapter Module

MFi Game Controller

Lightning connectors and receptacles

MFi Hearing Aid

MagSafe Charger Module

Wi-Fi Accessory Configuration (WAC)


What types of accessories and technologies are not part of the MFi Program?

Accessories that do not use any of the MFi licensed technology listed above are not part of the MFi Program. Examples include:

  • USB-C charging accessories and USB Device Class accessories

  • Accessories that use only standard Bluetooth profiles supported by iOS

  • Accessories that use only Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) (Note: BLE-enabled HomeKit accessories and BLE-enabled MFi Hearing Aids are part of the MFi Program)

  • Accessories that connect to an Apple device through the headphone jack and do not use any MFi licensed technology

  • Cases that don't integrate MFi components. For example, non-electronic protective cases and folios are not part of the MFi Program. However, iPhone battery cases and MagSafe-enabled cases are part of the program.

Who should apply to the MFi Program?

Accessory developers and manufacturers who wish to create hardware accessories that use Apple technologies to connect electronically to iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Apple Watch should join the MFi Program. Companies, organizations, government entities and educational institutions are eligible to apply. For more information, please see the Who needs to join the MFi Program and Who does not need to join the MFi Program sections below.

What are the different roles that exist in the MFi Program?

  • Accessory developer, manufacturer, or brand owner who wishes to take responsibility for MFi accessory certification requirements
  • Brand owner who wishes to directly track the progress of accessory certification for MFi accessories that will bear its brand
  • Contract manufacturer (CM)/ODM who wishes to develop and/or manufacture MFi accessories as finished goods for others
  • Manufacturer who wishes to perform sub-assembly for MFi accessories
  • Accessory manufacturer who owns a manufacturing facility and wishes to perform final assembly for its own MFi accessories
  • Software provider who wishes to submit MFi accessory certification materials on behalf of another MFi Licensee
  • Technology provider who wishes to provide products or services to other MFi Licensees

Can you review my product concept and advise if I need to join the MFi Program?

If you intend to develop an electronic accessory which will connect to an Apple device using MFi licensed technology, your company must first join the MFi Program. Apple is unable to provide feedback regarding a product concept prior to joining the MFi Program.

What is the royalty associated with MFi accessories?

This information is only available under NDA. You will be able to review this information once your application for the MFi License has been approved.

Program enrollment

What will I need to apply for the MFi Program?

  • Your contact information, including a business email address that matches your company's domain name
  • A registered legal entity name
  • Address for the company/organization's principal place of business or corporate headquarters (P.O. boxes are not accepted)
  • Company/organization domain name/email address and website
  • Company D-U-N-S number
  • Depending on your company's location, a tax identification number
  • A valid credit card or Apple Pay account

What are the steps for enrolling in the MFi Program?

Go to the MFi Program Enrollment help page to review the steps required to join the MFi Program.

What is a D-U-N-S number?

The D-U-N-S Number is a unique nine-digit number that identifies business entities on a location-specific basis. Your D-U-N-S Number will be used to check the identity and legal entity status of your organization as part of our enrollment verification process for joining the MFi Program. Visit the D-U-N-S help page for more information.

Is there a program fee for participation in the MFi Program?

The MFi Program is USD $99 (plus any applicable taxes and fees) per membership year.

How can I check the status of my program enrollment?

Log in to the MFi Enrollment Portal using your business Apple ID to view the status of your application. Processing times may vary, depending on the volume of applications received.

Who needs to join the MFi Program

Who needs to join

  • Accessory developers who wish to take responsibility for MFi accessory certification requirements. After License execution, you can work with another MFi Licensee who will manufacture the accessory on your company's behalf. To view the list of MFi authorized manufacturers, click here to execute an online NDA. 
  • Accessory manufacturers  who wish to manufacture their own MFi accessories. Any manufacturers who intend to manufacture MFi accessories or procure MFi components must order and complete an MFi System Review to verify that their inventory management and financial reporting systems meet program requirements. 
  • Contract manufacturers (CM)/ODM  who wish to develop, manufacture, or perform sub-assembly for MFi accessories on behalf of others. Any manufacturers who intend to manufacture MFi accessories or procure MFi components must order and complete an MFi System Review to verify that their inventory management and financial reporting systems meet program requirements. 
  • Brand owners who wish to take responsibility for MFi accessory certification requirements or directly track the progress of accessory certification for MFi accessories that will bear their brands. 
  • Technology providers  who wish to provide products or services (e.g., chipsets, design services, software authentication services) to other MFi Licensees.

Who does not need to join

  • Developers and manufacturers of non-electronic accessories, including non-MagSafe cases and Apple Watch bands. Get guidelines and resources for designing accessories that do not incorporate MFi licensed technologies.

  • Distributors and resellers that want to source or sell MFi accessories as finished goods. MFi finished goods must be sourced from an authorized MFi manufacturer. The MFi Licensee will be authorized to develop/manufacture goods sold under your company's brand and will take responsibility for all program requirements on your company's behalf. The Licensee will also be authorized to include the correct MFi badge on the product packaging and user guide of your accessory, once it has completed the necessary program requirements.

  • Developers and manufacturers of accessories that connect to an Apple device using only Bluetooth Low Energy, Core Bluetooth, or standard Bluetooth profiles supported by iOS. Learn more about Bluetooth(Note: BLE-enabled HomeKit accessories and BLE-enabled MFi Hearing Aids are part of the MFi Program).

  • Educational organizations that want to use the MFi technical specifications for teaching purposes. The information shared under the MFi Program is Apple Confidential and is not intended to be used in an academic setting.

  • Individuals creating accessories for personal use. We recommend using a third-party hobbyist solution to connect iOS devices to serial devices, and to write apps that communicate with these serial devices.

  • App developers creating apps that communicate with MFi accessories. App developers should join the Apple Developer Program. However, it is up to the accessory developer or manufacturer to determine whether they wish to authorize specific third-party apps to communicate with their MFi accessories through the External Accessory Framework. App developers should consult with the accessory developer to determine whether to proceed with development of an app that communicates with an MFi accessory using the EA framework.

Verifying MFi authorized manufacturers and licensed accessories

How can I access a list of MFi authorized manufacturers?

Execute an online NDA to view the list of authorized manufacturers. Upon execution of the NDA, you will automatically be redirected to view the list. Manufacturers may opt in to be included in this list, which is updated periodically.

How can I verify if a Lightning, headset, charging, or iAP-based accessory is a licensed accessory?

Once the accessory has completed MFi certification requirements and the accessory developer/manufacturer has either reported it to Apple as sold/distributed (on a quarterly basis) or has opted to include the accessory, it will be searchable in our public database of authorized Lightning, headset, charging, and iAP-based MFi accessories

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