Enrolling in the MFi Program

Here’s what you need to do:

Determine if the MFi Program is right for your company/organization.

The MFi Program is intended for hardware developers who wish to develop electronic accessories specifically for iPhone, iPad or iPod*. Companies, organizations, government entities and educational institutions are all eligible to apply. Your organization must have a registered legal entity name to apply.

Create/register an Apple ID and submit an enrollment form.

Create/register a business Apple ID to complete the enrollment form, execute the online NDA, and submit the form.

Complete identity verification.

You will be directed to a secure third-party Web site to complete identity verification.

Execute an MFi License.

Once identity verification is complete, you will receive the MFi License Agreement for review and signature.

*Case developers, app developers and developers of accessories that rely solely
on standard technology do not need to join the MFi Program.


To learn more about the MFi Program and the enrollment process, see our Frequently Asked Questions.

MFi Licensed Accessories

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